TWICE CHAEYOUNG Gets Invited to 'Lion King' Premiere Thanks to Her Look?

Jul 19, 2019

TWICE CHAEYOUNG Gets Invited to 'Lion King' Premiere Thanks to Her Look?
CHAEYOUNG of K-pop girl group TWICE expressed her gratitude to Disney who invited her to the movie 'Lion King' premiere on the grounds that she and one of the characters from the film look alike.

Recently, CHAEYOUNG shared a few pictures of herself on TWICE's official social media account with a caption saying, "I'd like to thank Disney Korea who invited me to the 'Lion King' premiere thinking that I look like Simba, the little lion from the movie."

CHAEYOUNG added, "I almost cried while watching the movie and I strongly recommend this film. Can You Feel the Love Tonight~"
CHAEYOUNGIn the picture, CHAEYOUNG was holding a doll that looks just like her and was giving a thumbs up while wearing a backpack that had the name of the film on it.
CHAEYOUNGMany of her fans started to refer to CHAEYOUNG as a 'baby lion' ever since she made her debut as a member of TWICE and have been saying that she and Simba have so many things in common including their huge eyes and lovely smile.
CHAEYOUNGCHAEYOUNGBack in 2016, one fan even compiled a few pictures of CHAEYOUNG and Simba to show the resemblance in their appearance and behavior.

After seeing these pictures, fans commented, "Finally! Two of my favorite baby lions.", "The whole room lights up when she smiles.", "Look at the way she is holding that little lion. Now that is just so overwhelmingly cute!", and many more.

Meanwhile, TWICE successfully kicked off its world tour 'TWICE WORLD TOUR 2019: TWICELIGHTS' in North America with the concert in Los Angeles which was held on July 17 (local time).

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