BTS V Reveals the Identity of the Person in This Photo

Jul 22, 2019

BTS V Reveals the Identity of the Person in This Photo
V of K-pop boy group BTS revealed the real identity of the person in his 2017 photo.

Back in 2017, the above photo of V having lunch together at a restaurant with a mysterious person went viral online.
VSince the person who is sitting on the opposite side of V has long hair, some fans speculated that the person is actually V's girlfriend.

At the time, V shared photos of himself taken with a long-haired person, who is none other than his good friend, JMVOK (Jang Moon-bok) of boy group LIMITLESS.
V, JMVOKV, JMVOKFollowing V's post on BTS' social media, the 2017 restaurant photo's mystery was considered to be solved among fans.

Recently on BTS' new global fan community Weverse, however, V revealed that JMVOK is not the person in the restaurant photo.
VHe commented, "Hahaha, he's a close designer hyung. There are a lot of people with long hair in this world," and, "No... He's a close hyung..."

V and JMVOK have been good friends since high school when they used to attend the same school in Daegu, their hometown.

While V achieved a global success as a BTS member, JMVOK just made his debut as a member of LIMITLESS this month.

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(Credit= 'BTS_twt' Twitter, Weverse, Online Community)