'Produce X 101' Group X1 Confirms Debut Members; Making Official Debut Next Month

Jul 22, 2019

'Produce X 101' Group X1 Confirms Debut Members; Making Official Debut Next Month
11 debut members of new project K-pop boy group X1 have been confirmed as well as their official date of debut.

On July 19, Mnet's survival audition show 'Produce X 101' aired a live episode where 'the national producers' had their last chance to vote on the final 20 contestants.

At the end of this live episode, the total number of the 20 contestants' votes were revealed one by one.X1The one who had the highest number of votes turned out to be Kim Yo Han, making him 'the center' for X1's debut track.

The other lucky 10 contestants who managed to join Kim Yo Han as X1 members were Kim Woo Seok, Han Seung Woo, Song Hyeong Jun, Cho Seung Youn, Son Dong Pyo, Lee Han Gyul, Nam Do Hyon, Cha Jun Ho, Kang Min Hee, and Lee Eun Sang.

It was previously announced that the members of X1 will be promoting together for five years.

During the first half, they are going to be exclusively promoting together, but will be free to pursue activities for their initial management agency at the same time after that.X1On July 22, it was revealed that X1 will make official debut with a showcase/concert at Gocheok Sky Dome on August 27.

Gocheok Sky Dome is the largest indoor concert venue in Korea where about 20,000 audience can be accommodated.

'Produce 101 Season 2' winners debuted as Wanna One at Gocheok Sky Dome as well.

The ticket details for the showcase/concert are yet to be announced.

Do you know who all 11 X1 members are? Get familiar with each of them before their official debut!

1. Kim Yo Han (1999, OUI Entertainment)
X1X12. Kim Woo Seok (1996, TOP MEDIA)X1X13. Han Seung Woo (1994, PLAN A Entertainment)
X1X14. Song Hyeong Jun (2002, STARSHIP Entertainment)X1X15. Cho Seung Youn (1996, YUE HUA Entertainment)
X1X16. Son Dong Pyo (2002, DSP Media)
X1X17. Lee Han Gyul (1999, MBK Entertainment)
X1X18. Nam Do Hyon (2004, MBK Entertainment)
X1X19. Cha Jun Ho (2002, Woollim Entertainment)
X1X110. Kang Min Hee (2002, STARSHIP Entertainment)
X1X111. Lee Eun Sang (2002, BRAND NEW MUSIC)
X1X1(Lee Narin, Credit= 'x1official101' Twitter, Mnet Produce X 101)

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