Lee Dong Wook Becomes Emotional While Filming the Last Episode of 'Produce X 101'

Jul 22, 2019

Lee Dong Wook Becomes Emotional While Filming the Last Episode of 'Produce X 101'
Actor Lee Dong Wook warmed the hearts of his fans and the viewers by showing how much he cares about the contestants of 'Produce X 101'.

On July 19 episode of Mnet's survival audition show 'Produce X 101', the contestants organized a surprise party for Lee Dong Wook, the host of the show, who has always been there for them from the beginning.
Lee Dong WookOne of the contestants Song Hyeong Jun said, "It did not make the cut, but Lee Dong Wook visited us when we were doing a re-evaluation."
Lee Dong WookLee Eun Sang added, "It felt like he was making those visits just for us. Also, he always looked at us with the sweetest look on his face and that gave us a lot of strength."
Lee Dong WookWhen 20 of the contestants surprised him with a beautiful cake that they made themselves, Lee Dong Wook said, "Good luck with your live performance and I hope that all of you can make your debut."
Lee Dong WookIt seemed like he truly meant every word he said since Lee Dong Wook sat down on the stairs and lowered his head after announcing the show's finalists as if he can relate to those who did not get their chance to make debut and had to head back home.
Lee Dong WookAfter seeing these pictures of Lee Dong Wook, his fans and the viewers commented, "Yes. There is no one like him.", "The look on his face just breaks my heart. He looks so devastated.", "But congrats on your debut, X1!" and many more.

Meanwhile, the 11 finalists of 'Produce X 101' are confirmed to make debut as X1 on August 27.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Mnet, 'choseungyoun_woodz' Instagram)

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