UP10TION WEI to Promote Under His Real Name: Lee Jin Hyuk

Jul 22, 2019

UP10TION WEI to Promote Under His Real Name: Lee Jin Hyuk
Upon receiving incessant love and support from the public after his 'Produce X 101' appearance, K-pop boy group UP10TION's member WEI has decided to go by his real name― Lee Jin Hyuk.

On July 22, UP10TION's management agency TOP Media shared an official statement announcing that Lee Jin Hyuk will change his stage name from WEI to Lee Jin Hyuk for his future promotions.
Lee Jin HyukOn the same day, TOP Media launched Lee Jin Hyuk's official Instagram account to allow him to interact with his fans on a better level.

For his first post, Lee Jin Hyuk shared a selfie and wrote, "Hello, this is Lee Jin Hyuk." with the hashtags, 'TOP Media', 'Lee Jin Hyuk', and 'Baby Sun' (Lee Jin Hyuk's nickname).
Lee Jin HyukLee Jin Hyuk initially made his debut as a member of UP10TION in 2015, and has received more love and attention from the public thanks to his appearance on Mnet's survival audition show 'Produce X 101'.
Lee Jin HyukAlthough he ended the show as 14th place and did not get his chance to debut as X1 member, many fans are showing their full support towards his 'post-Produce X 101' promotions.

(Credit= 'ljh_babysun' Instagram, 'produce101' Facebook)

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