Kim Go-eun & Jung Hae In Shyly Confess that They Are a BTS Stan

Jul 22, 2019

Kim Go-eun & Jung Hae In Shyly Confess that They Are a BTS Stan
Actress Kim Go-eun and actor Jung Hae In confessed that they are a huge fan of K-pop boy group BTS.

On July 19 episode of KBS' television show 'Entertainment Weekly', Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae In's recent interview was shown.Jung Hae InDuring the interview, the reporter asked what song they have been listening to lately.

Kim Go-eun answered, "I've been listening to this song called 'Butterfly' by BTS. I heard it by chance and it was just so good."

When Jung Hae In heard Kim Go-eun say 'Butterfly', he went "Oh!" and nodded as if he knows the song and also finds the song great.Jung Hae InAs soon as Kim Go-eun finished talking, Jung Hae In excitedly commented, "So many of BTS songs are great."

Kim Go-eun agreed by saying, "I'm totally with you. They are the best."Jung Hae InThen, Jung Hae In started listing his favorite BTS songs, "'Serendipity' is amazing and all songs from their latest album are really great as well."

After making this remark though, Jung Hae In suddenly blushed and laughed shyly.Jung Hae InMeanwhile, Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae In's romance movie 'Tune in for Love' is set to hit the theaters on August 28.

(Lee Narin, Credit= KBS Entertainment Weekly)

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