BTS JIN Tops 'Which Star Do You Want to Spend Your Vacation With?' Poll

Jul 23, 2019

BTS JIN Tops 'Which Star Do You Want to Spend Your Vacation With?' Poll
According to a recent poll, it seems like everyone wants to spend their summer with JIN of K-pop boy group BTS.

On July 22, an online platform 'Idol Chart' revealed the result of a poll that they conducted from July 15 to July 21.
PollJINAccording to the website, the total number of people who cast their vote was 18,575; and 60 percent of them voted for JIN thinking that it must be awesome to spend their summer vacation with him.
Park Ji HoonJIN was followed by K-pop artist Park Ji Hoon, who received 3,821 votes accounting for 20 percent of the total votes.
DAE HWI & Lai Kuanlin & YEONJUNDAE HWI (AB6IX), Lai Kuanlin, and YEONJUN (TXT) also made the list, but even with all of them combined, they could not win more votes than JIN did.
JINIt appears that ARMY (the name of BTS' fan club) was not the only one who were captivated by JIN's numerous charms since other K-pop fans also found his beautiful smile, broad shoulders, and lovely personality quite attractive.

After hearing this news, ARMYs commented, "It would be really nice if we could sit by the pool and have a sip of margarita together.", "I wonder how he spends his summer vacation.", "Hear, hear!", and many more.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Idol Chart, 'bangtan.official' Facebook, SBS funE, Big Hit Entertainment)

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