Politician Calls Out 'Produce X 101' for Rigging Votes & Demands Investigation

Jul 24, 2019

Politician Calls Out 'Produce X 101' for Rigging Votes & Demands Investigation
One South Korean politician asked for a prosecution investigation for alleged vote manipulation of Mnet's recently-ended survival audition show, 'Produce X 101'.

On July 24, Ha Tae-keung from Bareunmirae Party took his social media to call out 'Produce X 101' for the rigging and claimed that the mathematical chance for the final results is nearly zero.
Ha Tae-keungHa Tae-keung's post reads as follows:

The 'Produce X 101' vote-rigging scandal is a type of employment fraud and corruption.

There were so many reports that were asking for the fact-checking, so I looked into the case.

It is almost certain that the votes were manipulated.

From the #1 place to the #20 place, there is a particular number the votes were a multiple of 7944.44, and it was from the #1 place (178 times) to #20 place (28 times).

I asked help from mathematicians whom I know, and they said the statistical probability of these 20 numbers, from #1 to #20, is virtually zero, meaning that the voting results were already programmed in advance.

It is unclear whether the vote-rigging has changed the actual ranking (of the contestants). 

We would not know until the real results are revealed.

However, the manipulation of this youth audition program is an obvious case of fraud and corruption.

They have decided to hurt the fans who have supported and voted for the contestants.

This scandal is also giving teenagers a distorted view on democracy.

The case should be brought to prosecution so the truth can finally be unveiled.
Ha Tae-keungShortly after the season finale which was broadcasted live on July 19, the production team of 'Produce X 101' was accused of rigging votes after fans noticed similar trends in the voting tallies.
Produce X 101Although the mathematical data to support such argument flooded online, they refused to provide an explanation regarding the ongoing suspicion.

(Credit= 'radiohahapage' Facebook, Yonhap News Agency, Mnet Produce X 101)

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