VIDEO: SHINee KEY & BTOB Lee Changsub Go Wild at a Military Event

Jul 24, 2019

VIDEO: SHINee KEY & BTOB Lee Changsub Go Wild at a Military Event
K-pop boy group SHINee's member KEY and another boy group BTOB's member Lee Changsub were spotted going wild at a recent military event.

On July 23, KEY and Lee Changsub participated in one military event as the members of the military band.
KEY and Lee ChangsubRight after the end of the event, one K-pop fan shared a funny video of KEY and Lee Changsub from this event.

The video showed KEY and Lee Changsub in a red military band uniform playing a song at the rear of the stage.

The two stars are both passionately moving their body to the music while swinging their drum sticks about in the air.KEY and Lee ChangsubKEY and Lee Changsub are beside the other members of the military band, who also looked like they were having some great fun.

The other members clearly did not look as excited as the two though.

Along with this video, the fan wrote, "Haha this is hilarious! It seemed KEY and Lee Changsub were overly excited."

It was explained that their performance was supposed to be a fun one, so KEY and Lee Changsub were just doing what they were meant to do.

It is assumed that they got a little hyper while doing their job that they unintentionally made the audience and fans laugh.
Meanwhile, Lee Changsub is expected to complete his military service in August 2020, and KEY about two months after him in October the same year.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'BTOBofficial' 'shinee' Facebook, Online Community)

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