Jay Park Talks About Not Being Welcomed Both in Korea & America as Korean-American

Jul 24, 2019

Jay Park Talks About Not Being Welcomed Both in Korea & America as Korean-American
Korean-American hip-hop artist Jay Park talked about the difficult time he went through in the past.

On July 24, a fashion magazine 'GQ Korea' shared a recent interview of Jay Park.Jay ParkDuring the interview, Jay Park said, "Honestly, I think I could have taken my own life if I had let myself be depressed. But instead, I carried on trying to find the path that was right for me."

He went on, "There were times when others would constantly tell me what I should be doing or not. It would have been very hard if I were the type of person who cared about what they said. I probably wouldn't even have made it this far either."Jay ParkThen, Jay Park mentioned that when he was young, being Korean-American made him feel like he did not really belong anywhere.

Jay Park said, "It's all in the past now, but when I lived in the States, people would tell me things like, 'Why are you playing basketball? You are Asian. Go study math.' When I came to Korea, people would call me a 'Yankee'. They also kept telling me a K-pop star should be like this and that. I was like, 'Who set all these stereotypes? Everybody is different.'"

He continued, "You know what though? I just ignored these people who were judging me for who I was and tried to be myself. It seemed like they were skeptical about the things I was doing at first. After a while, however, a lot of them actually started seeing me as how I wanted them to see me."Jay ParkMeanwhile, Jay Park is scheduled to kick off his world tour 'SEXY 4EVA' with a show in Seoul on July 6.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'jparkitrighthere' Instagram)

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