CHUNG HA Gets Suspicious After Getting a Weird-looking Hat from Her Fan

Jul 26, 2019

CHUNG HA Gets Suspicious After Getting a Weird-looking Hat from Her Fan
K-pop artist CHUNG HA showed the most hilarious reaction after receiving a suspicious gift from her fan.

Recently, CHUNG HA held a fan signing event to celebrate the release of her fourth mini album 'Flourishing'.
CHUNG HAOn this day, her fans got her various items starting from a bedazzled crown to a folding fan that said, 'Stop admiring my beauty with tears'.
CHUNG HABut it seems like CHUNG HA got bit overwhelmed by the number of gifts she received that day since she said, "You guys bring me so many different kinds of headbands and some of them scare me, because I don't know what they are exactly for."
CHUNG HACHUNG HA did not let her guard down and continued to doubt everything while trying on many items that her fans have brought.
CHUNG HABut the highlight of that day was when her fan gave her the most weird-looking hat that had chicken legs on it. 

When the fan gave this hat to CHUNG HA, she showed the most hilarious reaction while checking it out.
CHUNG HACHUNG HA kept frowning and just could not take her hands off the hat because she was worried that something bad is going to happen.
CHUNG HACHUNG HAInterestingly enough, the chicken did start to shake its legs like crazy and proved her suspicion right. 

After seeing these pictures of CHUNG HA, her fans commented, "Her reaction is just priceless!", "That hat looks just awesome. Where can I get one?", "It should've been me in the front row.", and so on.

(Credit= Online Community, 'chunghafiles' Twitter)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)