IU Cutely Scolds Yeo Jin Goo for Wanting to Go Home During Filming

Jul 25, 2019

IU Cutely Scolds Yeo Jin Goo for Wanting to Go Home During Filming
Singer/actress IU jokingly scolded actor Yeo Jin Goo who cutely expressed his wish to go home during filming.

On July 24, the production team of tvN's drama 'Hotel Del Luna' released a footage of IU and Yeo Jin Goo playfully bickering with each other while they were on standby.
IU & Yeo Jin GooWhen IU asked "Is this because you want to go home early?", Yeo Jin Goo nodded and looked at her with a smile on his face as if he wants her to second his opinion.
IU & Yeo Jin GooTheir fans could not help but laugh after hearing the words came out of IU's mouth after that though.

IU pointed at him and said like a five-year-old girl who loves tattling on her friends, "You heard that, right? He said he wants to go home early."
IU & Yeo Jin GooThen, IU got on her high horse and added, "I love being at the site even if that means I have to stay up all night. This place makes everything okay. I love everything about it."
IU & Yeo Jin GooA few seconds later, IU even tried to give him a lesson by saying, "Write this down. Working in a nice environment with nice people is the best."
IU & Yeo Jin GooBut what was even cuter than that was the way Yeo Jin Goo reacted to her speech because he politely put his hands together, and listened to every word she said like a little boy who was having a conversation with his teacher.

After seeing this adorable video of them, the viewers commented, "FINALLY!! I've been waiting to see this sort of cute moment of them for like forever.", "They make a really cute couple.", "She looks so cute on that high horse.", and many more. 

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= tvN)

(SBS Star)