VIDEO: ITZY Wows Everyone with an 'Icy' MV Teaser

Jul 25, 2019

VIDEO: ITZY Wows Everyone with an 'Icy' MV Teaser
K-pop girl group ITZY is getting ready to take over the world of K-pop once again.

On July 25, ITZY's management agency JYP Entertainment dropped a music video teaser of the group on YouTube.ITZYThe music video only showed about 15 seconds of ITZY's upcoming song and choreography, but that was certainly enough to make fans fall in love with it.

Just like its debut song 'DALLA DALLA', the new song 'ICY' is full of addictive sounds that could make anyone easily become hooked on the song.

It seems like ITZY chose the perfect song for the season because it is upbeat and fun, and that is exactly the kind of song you need in this energy-draining hot weather to get your day going. ITZYIn the teaser, the five girls wear bright colors of stylish casual clothing that highlights their beautiful face and great figure, and show off their powerful dance moves to the song.

They are so expressive and passionate during their dance that it makes it hard to take your eyes off all of them.

Check out ITZY's eye-catching music video teaser below! 

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'jypentertainment' YouTube)

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