Kang Daniel Thanks & Apologizes to Fans Upon Making His Solo Debut

Jul 25, 2019

Kang Daniel Thanks & Apologizes to Fans Upon Making His Solo Debut
K-pop artist Kang Daniel shared his words to fans upon returning to the K-pop scene in six months.

On July 25, Kang Daniel held a press showcase for his solo special album 'color on me' at YES24 Live Hall, Seoul.Kang DanielDuring the showcase, one reporter mentioned 'color on me' surpassing 450,000 pre-orders.

To this, Kang Daniel commented, "Yes, I heard about that and was pretty surprised. I had no idea that it would do that well. I'm just very grateful to my fans for everything."

He continued, "They waited six months for my return and during those six months, I wasn't really able to give them an update on my life. I feel bad about that. Despite that though, they stayed by my side. I'm more touched about that than those figures."Kang DanielThen, Kang Daniel was asked how he felt about making debut as a soloist after his time as a member of disbanded K-pop project boy group Wanna One.

Kang Daniel said, "The stage feels too big without the members of Wanna One that it makes me miss them a lot. I keep thinking, 'Wanna One truly was one incredible group.'"

He carried on, "I guess a good thing about being a soloist is that it allows me to sing and dance in my own style though. I'll promise to slowly fill the empty space on stage."Kang DanielReleased at 6PM KST, 'color on me' consists of a total of five tracks, including 'Intro (Through the night)', 'Color', 'What are you up to', 'Horizon', and 'I HOPE'.

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