Kang Daniel Talks About the Possibility of Broadcast Appearances

Jul 26, 2019

Kang Daniel Talks About the Possibility of Broadcast Appearances
Kang Daniel, formerly of disbanded K-pop project group Wanna One, explained the current situation regarding his broadcast promotions for his debut album.

On July 25, Kang Daniel held his solo debut showcase 'color on me' at YES24 Live Hall, Seoul.
Kang DanielDuring the Q&A session with the press, Kang Daniel was asked what he had been up to during his 6-month-long hiatus.

Kang Daniel said, "I spent time working on this album, so I can meet my fans as soon as possible. I also spent time with my family, especially with my mom. I hadn't been able to meet them while promoting as Wanna One."

Then Kang Daniel was asked about his plans to appear in music shows or variety shows as part of his comeback promotions.

To this, Kang Daniel shared, "The album prepping period was relatively short, so our team didn't have much time to work with broadcasting companies to finalize the schedule. I hope to give you some good news soon."

He added, "I'm sorry I can't give a clear answer yet. Discussions are ongoing, so it's hard for me to give a definitive answer."
Kang DanielKang Daniel mentioned his upcoming Asia fan meeting tour.

He said, "As for my fan meeting tour, the dates for Singapore and Hong Kong have been revealed. Other dates and locations are being discussed and will be announced later."

(Credit= Baik Seung-chul/SBS funE, KONNECT Entertainment)

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