Song Hye Kyo Flaunts Her Beauty with a New Style of Makeup

Jul 26, 2019

Song Hye Kyo Flaunts Her Beauty with a New Style of Makeup
Actress Song Hye Kyo once again proved her limitless beauty with a new style of makeup.

On July 25, photos of Song Hye Kyo from her recent attendance to one French jewelry brand's event in Monaco were shared online.
Song Hye KyoThere were taken on two different days when Song Hye Kyo had a similar style of makeup, but contrasting outfit.

One day, she was in a light blue sleeveless dress, and she was wearing a dark blue long-sleeved shirt on another day.Song Hye KyoSong Hye KyoSong Hye KyoWhat caught the most attention in these pictures was her makeup though.

Song Hye Kyo does not usually wear heavy makeup, but on these two days, she put on smokey eye makeup.

Regardless of the change, however, she managed to look flawless in every way.

After looking at these photos, fans commented, "Gorgeous. I really love her with this makeup as well!", "Well, it's Song Hye Kyo. She never fails to amaze us with her beauty.", "What are the secrets to your beauty? Share them with us, please!", and so on.Song Hye KyoSong Hye KyoMeanwhile, Song Hye Kyo recently revealed that she is planning to take some time off from work for the rest of the year.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'b_joeun' 'wkorea' 'hongkongtatler' Instagram)

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