STELLAR Members Reveal How Little Money They Made During Their 7-year Promotion

Jul 26, 2019

STELLAR Members Reveal How Little Money They Made During Their 7-year Promotion
Gayoung and Mini of disbanded K-pop girl group STELLAR revealed how much money they made during the seven years of the group's promotion.

Earlier this year, Mini shared a Q&A video on her YouTube that grabbed the attention of many people.STELLARThe video was of Gayoung and Mini talking about the past when they were actively promoting as the members of STELLAR.

While doing so, they came across a question from one subscriber, "As far as I'm aware, STELLAR was invited to perform at a lot of different places. You guys must have made tons of money. How much money did you make as STELLAR?"

Mini laughed and commented, "A lot of people have asked us this question, and I actually really wanted to touch on this one day. Let's be honest and tell them."STELLARGayoung said, "I sometimes spend time reading comments online, and there are comments such as, 'You always say that you had a hard time when you were a member of STELLAR, but isn't it okay because it all made up for it in the end? You made good money and even own a café now.'"

She continued, "I'll be entirely honest now, but we didn't make good money at all. It's more like we didn't make money. I mean, I'm sure someone did at our company. Not us though."

Mini added, "That's right. When we were promoting 'Marionette', we were extremely busy. We got paid several times then. It was only enough for us to buy ourselves some food though."STELLARThen, Gayoung disclosed the specific amount of money each member of STELLAR made.

She said, "So, we promoted for about seven years. During that time, each of us probably made less than 10 million won (approximately 8,500 dollars) in total. Yeah, we basically made nothing. I didn't open my café with the money that I made during my time as STELLAR."

Mini also said, "Towards the end of our 7-year promotion, our company started to struggle financially. They didn't give us any money from that time until we finished our promotion."

Debuted in 2011 under a management agency The Entertainment Pascal, STELLAR switched to a sexy concept following continuous failures with its previous songs and performances.

Previously during one interview, Gayoung mentioned the difficulties her and the rest of STELLAR members faced while promoting with a sexy concept, because they received countless hate comments then.

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