Lee Dong Wook Turns Himself Into an Attractive Dentist This Time

Jul 26, 2019

Lee Dong Wook Turns Himself Into an Attractive Dentist This Time
Actor Lee Dong Wook transformed himself into such an attractive dentist that he is making everyone wanting cavities just so that they could go see him.

On July 26, the production team of OCN's upcoming drama 'Strangers from Hell' shared photos of Lee Dong Wook taken during the shooting of the drama.Lee Dong Wook'Strangers from Hell' is a thriller drama based on a popular webtoon of the same name.

Playing the role of a dentist named 'Seo Moon-jo', Lee Dong Wook gets acquainted with a financially-struggling writer 'Yoon Jong-wu' (actor Yim Siwan).

The story depicts the two characters getting involved in mysterious incidents after their encounter.
Lee Dong WookIn the photos, Lee Dong Wook focuses on treating a child patient who came to his clinic.

Lee Dong Wook looks at the patient with a loving smile on his face, which hints at his character's warm personality.

He covers parts of his face with a mask and glasses, but his great looks cannot seem to be completely hidden.

It seems his professional, kind, and handsome appearance could make many patients and visitors breathless upon entering the clinic.Lee Dong WookAfter his iconic roles as a grim reaper in 'Guardian: The Lonely and Great God' (2016) and lawyer in 'Touch Your Heart' (2019), it looks like Lee Dong Wook is ready for another change.

These photos once again confirmed that Lee Dong Wook is a master of transformation.

Meanwhile, 'Strangers from Hell' is scheduled to unveil its first episode on August 31.

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