Bae Jin Young Says He Fainted During Wanna One Promotion Due to Extreme Diet

Jul 26, 2019

Bae Jin Young Says He Fainted During Wanna One Promotion Due to Extreme Diet
K-pop boy group CIX's member Bae Jin Young revealed he fainted a few times when he was a member of disbanded boy group Wanna One, because he was not eating much to make himself look thinner.

During the recent shooting of Sky Drama's television show 'Why Are You at My House?' (literal translation), Bae Jin Young mentioned the time when he used to go on an extreme diet.Bae Jin YoungWhile having some noodles together, one of the hosts DINDIN said to another host HeeChul in a surprised tone of voice, "Whoa! Did you eat everything? Do you not watch your weight at all, hyung?"

HeeChul responded, "I'm not the type of person who can go without having food. If I skip a meal, then I just feel like I have no energy for anything."

He continued, "After making debut as Super Junior, there were times when I had only eaten tofu for days and weeks. I had a tough time doing that. It honestly wasn't easy, you know. That's why I eat properly now."
HeeChulTo this, Hyun Suk of CIX commented, "Jin Young actually fainted two or three times when he was promoting as a member of Wanna One. At that time, he wanted to look thinner, so didn't eat anything all day."

Then, Bae Jin Young explained, "Yeah, I fainted several times. It seemed not eating enough caused anemia. It really is important to eat a sufficient amount of food every day."Bae Jin YoungMeanwhile, Bae Jin Young made his second debut as CIX with the group's first album 'HELLO: Chapter 1. Hello, Stranger' on July 23.

(Credit= Sky Drama Why Are You at My House, 'WannaOne.official' Facebook)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)