VIDEO: Red Velvet WENDY Throws Herself to Jenga Blocks to Protect IRENE

Jul 31, 2019

VIDEO: Red Velvet WENDY Throws Herself to Jenga Blocks to Protect IRENE
K-pop girl group Red Velvet's member WENDY moved the public with a thoughtful behavior she has shown to her fellow member IRENE at the group's fan meeting.

On July 27, Red Velvet held its fan meeting 'Red Velvet Fanmeeting - [inteRView vol.5] with ReVeluv' at Olympic Hall, Seoul to celebrate its fifth debut anniversary.
Red VelvetOn this day, the members shared an honest and long conversation with their fans while trying their best to get to know them through various sessions.
Red VelvetWhile playing Jenga, IRENE squatted down on the stage and carefully removed her block.

As soon as she pulled one out from the bottom, however, the entire tower started to crumble.
Red VelvetIRENE immediately scooched over to the right after watching the blocks falling down but it seems like WENDY wanted to make sure that IRENE does not get hurt since she used her whole body to protect IRENE from a possible accident.
Red VelvetIRENE did not get hurt at all thanks to WENDY's quick thinking and courageous action, and their fan meeting went on as planned without anyone getting hurt.
After seeing this video, their fans commented, "IRENE must be so touched.", "Now that was one selfless act. How could I not love her when she does stuff like this?", "WENDY is the best friend that a girl could ask.", and so on.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet recently wrapped up the promotional activity of its sixth mini album 'The ReVe Festival: Day 1'.

(Credit= 'DaHae_Ha' Twitter, 'redvelvet.smtown' Instagram, 'RedVelvet' Facebook)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)