BTS RM Gives His Fellow Members a Hug & They Show a Priceless Reaction

Jul 31, 2019

BTS RM Gives His Fellow Members a Hug & They Show a Priceless Reaction
K-pop boy group BTS' leader RM asked for a hug during the group's concert and the members showed a different but equally adorable reaction.

Recently, one fan compiled the pictures of BTS members from August 2018, when they kicked off their world tour 'LOVE YOURSELF' at Olympic Stadium, Seoul.
BTSWhilst wrapping up the group's concert, RM said, "This summer has been exhaustingly long and boring since I couldn't meet you guys. But tonight was nice. I really hated this summer but if anyone asks, I would say that tonight was the one thing that I liked the most about it."
BTSRM added, "We are having a concert at Olympic Stadium right now, but we never know when we can throw another one. There is one thing I'd like to do. Guys, give me a hug."

Then, he opened his arms and started to hug his fellow members one by one like a proud dad.
BTSBTSJUNGKOOK instantly ran to him after hearing his words, but SUGA and JIN hesitated for a while and stalled as long as they could before giving him a hug.
BTSBut it seems like they really liked the hug because they could not stop smiling and even went in for another one after it.
BTSAfter hugging all his fellow members, RM said, "It is incredibly hard to do stuff like this when we are not on a stage. Anyways, I'll cherish this memory till the day I die. Thank you for spending your time with us tonight."

Upon seeing these pictures, their fans commented, "Why am I crying? I got so emotional watching this.", "Does RM stand for Real Man? Because he certainly seems like one.", "He really knows a way to impress his fans.", and many more.

(Credit= Online Community, 'HoneyJoonie94' 'mintmelting' Twitter)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)