VIDEO: Girl's Day Hyeri Compares Herself Without & with Makeup

Jul 30, 2019

VIDEO: Girl's Day Hyeri Compares Herself Without & with Makeup
K-pop girl group Girl's Day's member/actress Hyeri revealed how she looks before and after getting her makeup and hair done professionally.

On July 28, Hyeri uploaded a new video on her YouTube channel, which showed her getting ready for a show.HyeriAt the start of the video, Hyeri came out of her house without any makeup on her face.

She said with no confidence, "It's been a long while since I've shown myself without any makeup to people. I have like zero makeup on right now."

Hyeri seemed a little self-conscious about herself without any makeup on, but she actually looked gorgeous.HyeriHyeri first headed to a makeup studio to get her makeup done.

There, her makeup artists put different makeup on step by step, making gradual changes to Hyeri's face.

After some time, Hyeri's makeup was complete, and she went to a hair salon to finish up her transformation.

The hair stylists styled her hair with some loose curls and added some volume to her hair.HyeriHours later, Hyeri was finally done making herself look prettier.

It was obvious, but the difference was not so huge.

What this video did was to confirm that Hyeri looked beautiful both without or with makeup on.

(Credit= '혜리' YouTube)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)