IU Has One Morning Routine that She Has No Choice but to Do?

Aug 2, 2019

IU Has One Morning Routine that She Has No Choice but to Do?
Singer/actress IU cracked up her fans by sharing her morning routine which was established by her mother who cares a bit too much about her physical well-being.

On July 27, a video titled, '[IU TV] 1 Million Subscriber Special: Ask dlwlrma' was uploaded on IU's official YouTube channel.
IUIn the video, IU was answering all her fans' questions in celebration of reaching one million subscribers on YouTube.
IUWhen asked, "What is the first thing you do in the morning?", IU replied, "I've been drinking pomegranate juice these days. I drink pomegranate juice the minute I get up before I eat or drink anything else."
IUTo a question, "What kind of benefits does it have?", IU answered, "That comes with drinking pomegranate juice? Well, my mom told me to drink it!"
IUIU continued, "I've been drinking and eating all kinds of things starting from detox juice to royal jelly because of my mom. But she is into pomegranate juice these days."
IUShe added, "But if drinking pomegranate juice on an empty stomach is something that I should never do, and if there's a doctor among our one million subscribers, please let me know!"

After watching this video, her fans commented, "This is literally the best Q&A session ever!", "Congratulations on your drama and reaching 1 million subscribers! So proud of you.", "Stay healthy, unnie!", and many more.

Meanwhile, IU is currently focusing on the filming of her drama 'Hotel Del Luna'.

(Credit= '이지금 [IU Official]' YouTube)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)