T-ARA Celebrates the Group's 10th Debut Anniversary

Jul 30, 2019

T-ARA Celebrates the Group's 10th Debut Anniversary
The members of K-pop girl group T-ARA celebrated the group's 10th debut anniversary with their fans.

On July 29, T-ARA's Hyomin, Ji Yeon, Eunjung, and Qri held a live broadcast to celebrate their debut anniversary as T-ARA.
T-ARAThe members prepared a cake and sang the birthday song to themselves in celebration of the group's "birthday."
T-ARAEach member took turns to give a short speech about how they felt about their 10-year journey and expressed their thanks to fans who have stayed by their side throughout all the time.
T-ARAThey also watched various clips of T-ARA's debut days to trip down memory lane with their fans.

Boram and Soyeon, who were part of T-ARA's 6-member lineup before their departure, also celebrated the group's anniversary through their social media posts.
T-ARAT-ARADebuted back in 2009 with 'Lies', all T-ARA members decided not to renew their contract with MBK Entertainment in December 2017 and have been pursuing different paths ever since.

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