Park Bo Young Arranges an Impromptu Fan Meetup While on Family Vacation

Jul 30, 2019

Park Bo Young Arranges an Impromptu Fan Meetup While on Family Vacation
Actress Park Bo Young met up with her fans while on vacation with her family in Haeundae, Busan.

On July 29, Park Bo Young's fans in Haeundae had their luckiest day ever.

At around 7PM KST, Park Bo Young shared a post on her official fan site.

In the post, she said, "Hello everyone. I'm in Haeundae traveling with my family right now. It's lovely here."

She continued, "Since I'm here, I want to do something very special. I'll be heading to Haeundae beach in a minute. It would be great to see you guys. Come and find me. I'll wait for you!"Park Bo YoungAs soon as Park Bo Young's fans living near Haeundae beach saw this post, they got ready and went out the door right away.

When they got to Haeundae beach, they could not believe their eyes, because their favorite star was really right there in front of them.

Park Bo Young was surrounded by some fans already, who were asking for her autograph and a selfie together.Park Bo YoungPark Bo YoungEven though people kept asking her for the same thing, she continuously smiled to each one of them.

Park Bo Young stayed around Haeundae beach for a while, then left after saying goodbye to them.

After she was gone, her fans shared their experience online, "Bo Young was an angel. She was so nice to everyone.", "I still can't believe I took a selfie with her. I'm the luckiest fan ever!", "I'm truly happy right now. Thank you for holding this such an amazing event.", and so on.Park Bo YoungPark Bo Young(Credit= Online Community)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)