Sulli to Make a Surprise Appearance in IU's New Drama

Jul 31, 2019

Sulli to Make a Surprise Appearance in IU's New Drama
Singer/actress Sulli will be making a surprise appearance in her friend singer/actress IU's new drama.

On July 30, Sulli's management agency SM Entertainment revealed that Sulli decided to make a surprise appearance in tvN's ongoing drama 'Hotel Del Luna'.
Sulli & IUAccording to SM Entertainment, what motivated her to make such a decision was the special bond she has with the drama's lead IU.
Sulli & IUSulli and IU managed to build a healthy relationship that can last, and are known to be celebrity best friends.
SulliAlso, Sulli has been two things to her according to IU, an inspiration and a friend who she wants to take care of, as IU mentioned while explaining how she came up with her track 'Peach'.
Sulli & IUSulli & IUAlso, on one recent episode of JTBC's variety show 'The Night of Hate Comments' (literal translation), Sulli revealed, "IU once told me that I was the kind of friend she wants to cook for, and she does cook for me every time I go over to her house."

Upon hearing the news, their fans commented, "This is like a dream come true.", "Is Sulli gearing up for her small screen comeback?", "I totally approve this friendship! Wish I could have a friend who I could grow old with.", and so on.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= JTBC, Online Community, 'jelly_jilli' Instagram, SBS funE)

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