Cho Jung Seok Speaks About the Time When He Almost Got Killed by His Brother

Jul 31, 2019

Cho Jung Seok Speaks About the Time When He Almost Got Killed by His Brother
Actor Cho Jung Seok talked about the time when his oldest brother was on the verge of "killing" him.

On July 27 episode of JTBC's television show 'Knowing Brothers', Cho Jung Seok was invited as a guest.

During the talk, Cho Jung Seok decided to tell an interesting story that happened between him and his oldest brother, who is 16 years older than he is.
Cho Jung SeokCho Jung Seok started telling the story, "So, this was when I was in high school. I told my family members that I was staying over at my friend's to study for an exam. But the studying part was not so true. It was kind of an excuse for me to spend time with my friend instead of studying at home. On that day, my friend and I fell asleep too early that we ended up not studying at all."Cho Jung SeokThe actor said, "I went to school the next day, took the exam, and headed home. I knew that my mom wouldn't tell me off too much, so I wasn't that worried. But who I didn't think of was my oldest brother. When I walked in to the house, I immediately had eye contact with him. He was a boxer and the way he looked at me sent chills down my spine. I got so scared and rushed into my room without even saying hi to him."Cho Jung SeokHe continued, "I closed the door behind me, but heard the sound of his steps coming closer. That was when I heard my mom saying, 'Hey, don't!' She sounded truly concerned about me. He opened the door and solemnly said, 'Sit down.' I completely froze then."

Then, he wrapped up the story, 'My brother paused for a bit and said, 'Okay, Jung Seok. Do you know why I don't ever hit you?' He was all so serious and I knew how strong he was, so I couldn't even get a single word to come out of my mouth. When I was shaking my head side-to-side, he said, 'It's because I might actually kill you while doing so.' Just thinking back to this day creeps me out again."Cho Jung SeokCho Jung SeokMeanwhile, Cho Jung Seok's new movie 'EXIT' that also features Yoona of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation hit the theaters today.

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