BTS or BLACKPINK? the King of Malaysia Answers 'This or That'

Jul 31, 2019

BTS or BLACKPINK? the King of Malaysia Answers 'This or That'
Malaysia's new King, Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri'ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah (Sultan Abdullah), was asked to choose between K-pop girl group BLACKPINK and boy group BTS on his coronation day.

On July 30 (local time), the coronation of new Malaysian King took place at the National Palace, Kuala Lumpur.
Malaysia royalty coronation (AFP/Yonhap)Sultan Abdullah was installed as the 16th King (Agong, the supreme ruler) of Malaysia on this day, and sat down for his interview with the press.

During the interview, Malaysian news outlet Astro Awani's two reporters prepared a fun 'This or That' game for the King.

While answering various questions during the game, His Majesty revealed that he enjoys hip-hop over K-pop.
BTS, BLACKPINKBut it was soon revealed that it does not mean he doesn't have a favorite K-pop group―as he was asked to choose between BLACKPINK and BTS.
Astro AwaniAfter a short pause, the King chose BTS over BLACKPINK with a smile on his face.
Astro AwaniUpon seeing this interview, Malaysian ARMYs (BTS' official fan club) commented, "Our King chose BTS, it's a win for us Malaysian ARMY!", "I knew it! Welcome to the club, Your Majesty.", and more.
(Credit= EPA/Yonhap, AFP/Yonhap, Astro Awani, Big Hit Entertainment, YG Entertainment)

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