VIDEO: Thai YouTuber Surprises ARMY with a 'Boy With Luv' Cover

Aug 1, 2019

VIDEO: Thai YouTuber Surprises ARMY with a 'Boy With Luv' Cover
One YouTuber from Thailand reinterpreted K-pop boy group BTS' hit song 'Boy With Luv', and it is gaining phenomenal popularity worldwide.

Recently, a YouTuber named Bie The Ska shared the cover of 'Boy With Luv' which he filmed with six of his friends.

Bie The Ska is a renowned Thai YouTuber who has more than 9.7 million subscribers on his channel.
Bie The Ska & His FriendsThe video they uploaded was full of surprises since everything about it from their camera walk to the way they reenacted the scenes from the original 'Boy With Luv' music video was so amusing and clever at the same time.
Bie The Ska & His FriendsAlso, all the props they prepared including their wigs and their stage costumes just showed how much time and effort they put into this project.
Bie The Ska & His FriendsThanks to this one-of-a-kind cover of 'Boy With Luv', Bie The Ska not only received an overwhelming love and support from his subscribers, but also managed to impress some of the ARMYs (the name of BTS' fan club) and other K-pop fans.

The video hit 1.9 million views and received more than 14,000 comments in just a month.

Fans who watched this cover commented, "I need a video of BTS reacting to this cover.", "I don't know what to feel. But I can say this for sure. This definitely cracked me up.", "Bie The Ska, keep up the good work!", and many more.

(Credit= 'Bie The Ska' 'ibighit' YouTube, 'bietheska' Instagram, 'bangtan.official' Facebook)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)