Kim Jae Hwan Talks About the Time When He Got Scammed While Shopping

Aug 1, 2019

Kim Jae Hwan Talks About the Time When He Got Scammed While Shopping
K-pop artist Kim Jae Hwan shared his unpleasant experience of getting scammed in the past. 

On July 31 episode of Mnet's talk show 'TMI NEWS', Kim Jae Hwan made a guest appearance.

While talking about phone scams, Kim Jae Hwan commented, "Thankfully, I never experienced a phone scam before, but I did get scammed before."

Kim Jae Hwan said, "This was when I was in middle school. My friends and I heard that we could get really nice but cheap t-shirts at Dongdaemun Market. So, we went there together one day."Kim Jae HwanHe continued, "While walking around the market, I saw a t-shirt that I liked. I asked how much it was, as there was no price tag on it. The shop owner told me that it was 600,000 won (approximately 505 dollars). I was like, 'Whoa! That's too expensive for me.' The guy gave me some discount, but it was still overpriced."Kim Jae HwanHe added, "Before I knew it though, I was paying for the t-shirt. It was unbelievably expensive! I definitely paid way more than I should have. He totally had ripped me off. After the purchase, I wore it once then put it in the wash. However, it shrank so much afterwards that I couldn't even wear it again."

Then, Kim Jae Hwan advised the viewers to be extra careful of scammers when shopping at a market. Kim Jae HwanMeanwhile, Kim Jae Hwan made debut with his first mini album 'Another' on May 20.

(Credit= Mnet TMI NEWS)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)