CIX Bae Jin Young Becomes the King of Fan Signing Events in Just Two Years?

Aug 2, 2019

CIX Bae Jin Young Becomes the King of Fan Signing Events in Just Two Years?
K-pop boy group CIX's member Bae Jin Young wowed his fans with an impressive improvement he has shown at the group's recent fan signing event.

On July 28, CIX held a fan signing event to celebrate the release of its debut album 'HELLO: Chapter 1. Hello, Stranger'.
CIX membersOn this day, the members did their best to interact with their fans and entertain them while signing autographs and trying on the items that their fans have brought.
Bae Jin YoungAfter the event, CIX's fans shared the pictures and the videos of the members which they took themselves and some of them especially caught the eyes of many.
Bae Jin YoungWhen Bae Jin Young first made his debut as a member of project boy group Wanna One, he used to get all shy in front of his fans and had a hard time doing anything other than having a conversation with them because he did not have the courage to tease them or make jokes.
But two years later, he became a completely different person, and even reached a point where he can make fun of his fans when he sees an opportunity.
When one fan covered her face out of embarrassment, Bae Jin Young immediately mimicked her behavior and looked directly into her eyes as if he finds the situation very amusing.
Bae Jin YoungAfter seeing Bae Jin Young's impressive improvement, his fans commented, "And that happened in just two years? WOW.", "He became a confident man from a shy boy in the blink of an eye.", "Well, I can't choose between the two. I like them both.", and so on. 

Meanwhile, CIX is currently focusing on the promotional activity of its debut album.

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