Fans Love TWICE & ITZY's Adorable Interactions During '2019 MGMA'

Aug 2, 2019

Fans Love TWICE & ITZY's Adorable Interactions During '2019 MGMA'
JYP Entertainment's sister girl groups, TWICE and ITZY, showed off their incredible chemistry during '2019 MGMA'.

On August 1, TWICE and ITZY attended '2019 M2 X GENIE MUSIC AWARDS' (2019 MGMA) which took place at KSPO Dome, Seoul.
2019 MGMAWhen ITZY won 'The Female New Artist' award, all TWICE members stood up and gave a round of applause.

As ITZY members were giving their acceptance speech, TWICE members look them like proud mothers as they could not hide their excitement for their junior group.
Not only did TWICE show their full support for ITZY when the group took its first-ever music awards trophy, but also had some heartwarming interactions after the awards ceremony.

When all artists came up on stage to greet their fans at the end of the event, TWICE and ITZY members started hugging each other and walked around the stage together.
TWICE's JEONGYEON and NAYEON even demonstrated the choreography to ITZY's new song 'ICY'.
2019 MGMAAfter '2019 MGMA', TWICE and ITZY enjoyed more time together backstage with their fellow JYP Entertainment boy band DAY6.

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