TWICE Sends Heartwarming Messages to MINA at '2019 MGMA'

Aug 2, 2019

TWICE Sends Heartwarming Messages to MINA at '2019 MGMA'
The members of K-pop girl group TWICE talked about their fellow member MINA's absence during their award acceptance speech.

On August 1, TWICE attended '2019 M2 X GENIE MUSIC AWARDS' (2019 MGMA) which took place at KSPO Dome, Seoul.
TWICEOn this day, TWICE took two trophies home―'The Female Group' and one of the daesangs, 'The Best Selling Artist'.

During their acceptance speech, TWICE members took some time to talk about MINA, who is currently taking a break due to health issues.
TWICEJIHYO said, "Although we are here as eight today, we will be back with MINA together as nine and appear as a better, prettier, and cooler version of TWICE."
TWICESANA chimed in and ended the speech with the cutest message to MINA, "MINA! We received an award!"

During TWICE's second win at the event, DAHYUN and NAYEON also made sure to include MINA in their speech.
TWICEDAHYUN said, "I want to share the happiness of this award with our MINA as well. We won't take this generous love for granted."
TWICENAYEON added, "Thank you to our fans who watch over us through both good and bad times. We will work hard to show you a good images as 9-member TWICE."

Earlier on the same day, MINA was spotted at Incheon International Airport arriving in Korea with her mother.

She has been taking a break from all TWICE promotions since July 11, and was staying at her parents house in Osaka, Japan.

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