SHINee KEY's Comments on TAEMIN's Instagram Make Fans Fall About Laughing

Aug 2, 2019

SHINee KEY's Comments on TAEMIN's Instagram Make Fans Fall About Laughing
Fans are cracking up at K-pop boy group SHINee's member KEY's comments on his fellow member TAEMIN's Instagram.

On August 1, KEY and TAEMIN had the cutest and funniest interaction on Instagram that made fans laugh.TAEMIN and KEYIt started with one selfie that TAEMIN posted on his newly-made Instagram in the afternoon.

It was a selfie of TAEMIN in a car, looking natural without makeup and styled hair.

Right after this selfie was uploaded, KEY came along and left a comment under it.

KEY wrote, "Is that the best you can do? Why aren't you using any filter?"

Minutes later, TAEMIN replied, "I don't know how to use a filter lol"

To this, KEY responded, "You seriously need to delete this. Please use a filter..."TAEMINThen, not long afterwards, TAEMIN shared another selfie.

KEY immediately shared his thoughts about the photo again.

He commented, "You can see the phone on your face. Is that the best you can do?"TAEMINThis time, TAEMIN uploaded a photo of himself looking up at the camera from the floor while shooting something.

Under this photo, KEY once again left a comment, "You should upload your selfie, not this. That's what we want more."

He continued, "Also, follow me back. It's not cool to have '0' followers. I'll give you five seconds to follow me back, okay?"

A few seconds, TAEMIN was seen doing what KEY asked him to do; following KEY on Instagram.TAEMINMany fans were watching this as it was all happening, they left comments such as, "This is hilarious. KEY is like TAEMIN's mom!", "Okay, KEY. It looks like you have to teach TAEMIN a lot of things. 1. How to take a good selfie, 2. How to apply a filter on his photos, 3. What sort of photos to post on Instagram. lol", "Haha I'll never get sick of seeing these two together!", and so on.

(Credit= 'lm_____ltm' 'bumkeyk' Instagram)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)