Kang Daniel Welcomes Male Fan Who Came to His Fan Signing Event

Aug 8, 2019

Kang Daniel Welcomes Male Fan Who Came to His Fan Signing Event
K-pop artist Kang Daniel made many of his fans jealous with the sweet behavior he has shown to one male fan who came to his recent fan signing event.

On August 3, Kang Daniel held a fan signing event at KBS Media Center, Seoul to celebrate the release of his first solo album 'color on me'.
Kang DanielOn this day, Kang Daniel melted the heart of his fans while greeting every single one of them with a big smile on his face.
However, the moment he showed the biggest smile was when one male fan showed up in front of him to get his autograph.
Kang DanielWhen a guy in navy shirt sat in front of him, Kang Daniel literally smiled from ear to ear and asked for a handshake even before he did.
Kang DanielThen, he kept patting his hand and holding onto it as if he was the person who he has been looking for a long time.
Kang DanielBut his fan seemed rather nonchalant and chill compare to Kang Daniel and the fan's laid-back attitude made it look more like he was a celebrity, not a fan.

After seeing these pictures of him, Kang Daniel's fans commented, "Wish I was that male fan sitting in front of him.", "Hope he gets just as excited when he meets me.", "How could the fan be so chill? I would've literally passed out.", and so on.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel sold the total of 466,701 copies of his solo debut album in the first week of release, breaking the previous record set by any solo artists in Korea.

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(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)