Super Junior HeeChul Says His Lifestyle Has Changed After Debut Due to Invasion of Privacy

Aug 5, 2019

Super Junior HeeChul Says His Lifestyle Has Changed After Debut Due to Invasion of Privacy
K-pop boy group Super Junior's member HeeChul confessed that he only has very little privacy and told how that has changed him.

On August 4 episode of Channel A's television show 'Why Are You at My House?' (literal translation), HeeChul opened up about some struggles he had as a famous person.Why Are You at My House?Whilst the cast members were sitting around the table, they started talking about HeeChul's hometown in Gangwon-do.

That was when model Han Hyejin asked HeeChul, "Have you ever shown Gangwon-do around to your ex-girlfriend before?"

HeeChul responded, "No. I actually have never gone on a trip with any of my ex-girlfriends whether that is in Korea or outside of Korea."

Upon hearing HeeChul's response, everyone got surprised and commented, "What? Not even once in all these years?"Why Are You at My House?HeeChul explained, "When I book my flight, my fans know about it. Then, they follow me around. This really stressed me out before, so I used to change my flight just hours before the departure, but they would find out about that right away as well."

He continued, "Ever since I made debut, my social security number was not just mine. It got leaked and shared. Now, so many fans know it. Some of them used it to sign up on some websites as well. That's why I never use my e-mail. I had such little privacy that I can't even open the curtains at home. There were times when it was really bad."Why Are You at My House?Despite all this, however, HeeChul said he does not regret his decision of choosing to become a K-pop star.

HeeChul said, "But I have no regrets. I believe you can't be entirely happy with any jobs. Being a K-pop star made me very happy, and I don't think I would have felt the same level of happiness if I had chosen another career path."Why Are You at My House?Since debut in 2005, all members of Super Junior had a tough time because of their obsessive fans.

Their "fans" would do extreme things such as breaking into their dorm, taking photos of them in underwear, booking the same flight and sitting next to them, calling them every hour, and so on.

(Credit= Channel A Why Are You at My House?)

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