Paul Kim Returns BTS V's Kindness to TXT SOOBIN

Aug 5, 2019

Paul Kim Returns BTS V's Kindness to TXT SOOBIN
K-pop singer Paul Kim was spotted taking care of SOOBIN of K-pop boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), just like boy group BTS' V did to him.

On August 1, many K-pop artists including Paul Kim and TXT attended '2019 M2 X GENIE MUSIC AWARDS' (2019 MGMA) which was held at KSPO Dome, Seoul.

During the awards ceremony, Paul Kim paid back BTS' kind gesture by taking care of BTS' brother group TXT's leader SOOBIN.

Back in January, Paul Kim and BTS attended 'Golden Disc Awards' together.

During the event, Paul Kim was left alone in the artists' seat as he is a solo artist.

That was when V noticed him sitting there all by himself, asked him to come to sit with them so that he doesn't feel lonely.

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Just like V's kindhearted gesture, Paul Kim approached to SOOBIN who was sitting all alone in the artists' area.

When Paul Kim noticed that all other TXT members except for SOOBIN were missing, he asked SOOBIN why.

SOOBIN answered that other members were all underage, so they had to leave early to abide by the law.
After the event, SOOBIN took a moment to give a shout out to Paul Kim during TXT's live broadcast.
TXTHe said, "I want to thank Paul Kim sunbaenim. I was very awkward there, but he took care of me and kept starting up conversations. I was so grateful."

The other members of TXT also thanked Paul Kim for taking care of their "innate outsider" leader.

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