BTS JUNGKOOK Cannot Keep His Hands off J-HOPE?

Aug 8, 2019

BTS JUNGKOOK Cannot Keep His Hands off J-HOPE?
It seems like K-pop boy group BTS' member JUNGKOOK likes his fellow member J-HOPE so much that he just cannot stop hugging or touching him.

Recently, one fan compiled the pictures of JUNGKOOK and J-HOPE which well-showed how close they really are.
JUNGKOOK & J-HOPEIn the post, JUNGKOOK was relentlessly expressing his love to J-HOPE who is three years older than him.
JUNGKOOK & J-HOPEWhenever he is around J-HOPE, JUNGKOOK got extra cute and showed different types of aegyo like a little puppy who constantly seeks his friend's attention.
JUNGKOOK & J-HOPEAlso, JUNGKOOK loved hugging him from behind regardless of time and place and could not stop smiling whenever he is with him.
JUNGKOOK & J-HOPEHolding hands was such a natural thing for them and J-HOPE even put a lip balm on JUNGKOOK's lips while he was leaning towards his side.

Upon seeing these adorable pictures of them, fans commented, "My heart just exploded.", "I get it. J-HOPE is so lovable.", "Friendship goals!", and many more.

Meanwhile, all members of BTS are currently enjoying their time-off before returning to the K-pop scene.

(Credit= Online Community, 'bangtan.official' Facebook)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)