Ji Sung Reveals Sweet Things Lee Bo Young & His Daughter Said About His New Drama

Aug 5, 2019

Ji Sung Reveals Sweet Things Lee Bo Young & His Daughter Said About His New Drama
Actor Ji Sung revealed how supportive his wife actress Lee Bo Young and daughter have been with his new drama.

On August 5, Ji Sung attended the press conference for his current drama 'Doctor John'.Ji SungDuring the press conference, Ji Sung said, "Bo Young watched every episode of my drama. She gives me her honest opinions whether they are good or bad. She helps me to make improvements and gives me confidence."

He continued, "Sometimes, I would get home late but memorize my lines instead of going to bed. Bo Young would always come see me and show her support. I feel so grateful for that. When the rating of the drama is high, she becomes happier than I am as well. She also worries about my feelings when the rating goes down."Ji SungThen, Ji Sung mentioned his daughter's reaction to watching the drama where he almost always appears wearing the doctors' gown.

Ji Sung said, "I was watching 'Doctor John' with my daughter the other day, and she asked me, 'Daddy, are you going to treat me when I'm sick?' I responded, 'Well, I can't give you an injection, but I can certainly help you take your medicine.'"

He went on, "It made me feel so happy, because I felt like I had actually become a doctor to my daughter."Ji Sung'Doctor John' depicts the days in the life of pain management doctors and anesthesiologists at a hospital.

In the drama, Ji Sung plays the role of a genius anesthesiologist 'Cha Yo-han', who is also the youngest professor at his university.

First broadcast on July 19, a new episode is unveiled every Friday and Saturday at 10PM KST.

(Credit= SBS funE, SBS Doctor John, 'justin_jisung' Instagram)

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