T-ARA Hyomin Pens a Heartfelt Letter to a Fan Who Passed Away

Aug 6, 2019

T-ARA Hyomin Pens a Heartfelt Letter to a Fan Who Passed Away
K-pop girl group T-ARA's member Hyomin wrote a heartfelt letter to one fan who recently passed away.

On August 5, Hyomin shared one special handwritten letter addressed to 'Jimin in heaven' on her Instagram.

Hyomin wrote, "Jimin, I'm having a hard time believing the news that was delivered to me today. I just can't believe it... I still vividly remember that day when I met you. I'm sorry that I couldn't treat you better."

She continued, "Know that your family, friends and everyone else love you. I hope you can finally let go of the bad memories and only be happy over there."

She added, "Thank you so much for supporting me and T-ARA. You gave us a lot of strength. We'll never forget you and the love you gave us. I will work harder, so keep watching me from heaven, okay? Rest in peace, Jimin."HyominAfter posting the letter, Hyomin also uploaded a photo of her and Jimin that was sent to her by Jimin's friend who told Hyomin about Jimin's passing under this photo.

Jimin's friend had written, "I'm writing to you, hoping you could do me a favor. A dear friend of mine passed away yesterday. My friend has been a fan of T-ARA since debut. He used to attend all fan events to see you."

She continued, "Last year at your birthday party, he received a hat from you and was so happy about it. Could you please write something to him? Thank you in advance."HyominUpon seeing Hyomin's post, her fans commented, "Rest in peace, Jimin. We will remember you too.", "Thank you for doing such a kind thing for your fan, Hyomin. This warmed my heart.", "I'm crying. I don't know what exactly happened to Jimin, but I really hope he will only be happy from now on.", and more.

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