VIDEO: 'Inkigayo' Captures SEVENTEEN MINGYU Trying to Protect ITZY YEJI from Falling

Aug 6, 2019

VIDEO: 'Inkigayo' Captures SEVENTEEN MINGYU Trying to Protect ITZY YEJI from Falling
K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN's member MINGYU proved that he is a true gentleman with a sweet behavior he had shown to girl group ITZY's member YEJI.

On August 4 episode of SBS' live music show 'Inkigayo', the members of ITZY were seen being interviewed as it was their comeback week.
MINGYUDuring the interview, one of the hosts MINGYU did something for YEJI that caught the attention of many fans.

At that time, MINGYU was standing on the right side of YEJI while holding a microphone in his left hand.MINGYUWhen both MINGYU and YEJI were listening to another host Shin Eun Soo talk, YEJI took a step back.

It seems MINGYU thought YEJI was falling though, because he immediately reached his left hand out to hold the back of her shoulder to prevent her from falling.

Then, he soon realized that she was not falling and quickly moved his hand away so that it did not lead to any misunderstanding.
It happened so fast but MINGYU's fans obviously could not miss noticing this heart-fluttering moment of MINGYU.

They then shared this particular scene from the latest episode of 'Inkigayo' online in order to spread how gentleman of MINGYU was.

When other K-pop fans saw it, they left comments such as, "Oh wow, MINGYU has such great reflexes!", "He is so sweet. I didn't know much about MINGYU before, but I think I might turn into his fan now!", "It looked like YEJI was unaware that MINGYU protected her from falling at all. I wonder how she responded after finding out about it.", and more.

(Credit= SBS Inkigayo)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)