BTS RM Shares Thoughts Upon Watching 'Bring The Soul: The Movie'

Aug 7, 2019

BTS RM Shares Thoughts Upon Watching 'Bring The Soul: The Movie'
The members of K-pop boy group BTS saw the group's new documentary film 'Bring The Soul: The Movie' at a private screening, and the leader RM shared his sincere thoughts.

On August 6, the members of BTS shared photos of themselves at a movie theater on the group's official Twitter.
BTSOn this day, the seven boys watched BTS' newest documentary film 'Bring The Soul: The Movie' altogether a day before its official premiere.
RMAfterward, RM took BTS' global fan community Weverse to share his thoughts and reflections with ARMY (BTS' official fan club). 

RM wrote, "After watching 'Bring The Soul: The Movie' today, I had a lot of things going on in my mind. Back then, I thought I was mature and skilled enough. But I wasn't. I was so clumsy and reckless. The scenes were from only a year ago, but they seem so distant. Why?"

He continued, "Things that I have always been curious and anxious about―how would I feel if I shouted them with my whole heart? Do you think I'll make people feel sincerely touched? Where are we now? Who am I to our team? What would the members think? What would you think below the stage?"
RMRM went on, "This time, again, what should I talk about? The thing that's most curious and fearful is when I sing, write, and dance, will I be able to reach the hearts of many people? I hope it will. When I write songs and lyrics, those things stay in my mind for days and weeks. All the lyrics circle my mind and bring me to tears."
RMHe wrapped up his note, "There is still a long way to go before the 'me' I am is the 'me' I want to be. Why is it so far away? I will sit at the studio desk tomorrow night to get a step closer to that 'me'. I will stay grateful, think about who I am, and improve. Like the lyrics of 'Mikrokosmos', I pray that you will each shine beautifully in your own room in your own night. I believe in all of us now. Sleep tight!"

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