VIDEO: ITZY RYUJIN Talks About the Time She Was Star-struck by Zo In Sung

Aug 7, 2019

VIDEO: ITZY RYUJIN Talks About the Time She Was Star-struck by Zo In Sung
K-pop girl group ITZY's member RYUJIN revealed that she was able to understand why people speak so highly of actor Zo In Sung after filming a movie with him.

On August 6 episode of SBS' television show 'Han Bam', the members of ITZY won the hearts of the viewers with their lovely personality and sense of humor.
ITZYOn this day, the interviewer brought the videos of RYUJIN from when she made appearance at K-pop boy group BTS' music video and the film 'The King'.
ITZYWhilst talking about the time she worked with Zo In Sung, RYUJIN said, "Even though I was just one of the actors who played a minor role, he gave me a lot of advice."
ITZYRYUJIN continued, "He was really tall, but his face was this small. After that, I could finally understand why people speak so highly of him."
ITZYZo In Sung already had a reputation for taking good care of his co-stars, especially when they do not have much of an experience in the field, but with RYUJIN's story, he once again showed why people around him like him so much.
Zo in SungUpon watching this episode, fans commented, "The way RYUJIN described him is just so cute.", "A handsome guy with a heart of gold.", "I loved her in that film. Such a talented young girl.", and so on.

Meanwhile, ITZY is currently focusing on the promotional activity of its new album 'IT'z ICY' which was released on July 29.

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