ITZY RYUJIN Got Cast by JYP Entertainment at GOT7's Fan Meeting?

Aug 8, 2019

ITZY RYUJIN Got Cast by JYP Entertainment at GOT7's Fan Meeting?
K-pop girl group ITZY's member RYUJIN was cast at K-pop boy group GOT7's fan meeting according to her friend from elementary school.

Recently, a story of how RYUJIN got cast resurfaced online which was first unveiled back in November 2017.
ITZY RYUJINIn the post, there was a picture of RYUJIN which seemed like it was taken at least a few years ago.

The person who posted her picture wrote, "She and I went to the same church ever since we were in elementary school, and she was in the choir and the praise dance team. Back then, she wanted to be an actress."

Her friend continued, "She had what it took, and she joined JYP Entertainment after she got cast at GOT7's fan meeting which was held during the winter break of seventh grade."
Post about RYUJINRYUJIN's old friend added, "I think JYP Entertainment is doing their best to promote her right now because she is so pretty. Anyways, she's really nice and has an amazing personality. I bet she would gain phenomenal popularity when she makes her debut."

Then, her friend revealed that the picture was from when RYUJIN performed at JYP Entertainment's trainee showcase.ITZY RYUJINUpon hearing this story, her fans commented, "What a coincidence!", "Wait. She got cast at GOT7's fan meeting?", "From a fan and an artist to co-workers. Nice.", and so on.

(Credit= Online Community, 'OfficialItzy' 'GOT7Official' Facebook)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)