Fans Are Asking, "How Did JYP Ent. Even Manage to Photoshop GOT7 JINYOUNG Like This?"

Aug 7, 2019

Fans Are Asking, "How Did JYP Ent. Even Manage to Photoshop GOT7 JINYOUNG Like This?"
JINYOUNG of K-pop boy group GOT7's fans are laughing and fuming at the same time after seeing one photo of him that his agency shared recently.

On August 6, one GOT7 fan shared a post titled, "This means war, JYP Entertainment." on a popular online community.

The fan wrote, "How bad does one have to be at photoshop to turn a good-looking person into someone who looks like this?"

He/she continued, "I mean, I must admit that it made me laugh, because you guys did make JINYOUNG look hilarious. Honestly though, what have you done to my precious JINYOUNG, JYP Entertainment?"

After that, the fan included a photo of JINYOUNG that looked quite different to how he usually looked.

In this photo, JINYOUNG's face as well as body looked swollen, making him completely lose his unique features.JINYOUNGThen, the fan also added photos of JINYOUNG that were uploaded on the same day for comparison.

He/she said, "This is how handsome JINYOUNG is. I'm sure many would agree that his photos don't even need to be photoshopped, but if you're going to do it, then please do it properly!"

Lastly, the fan said, "You know what? Just give us the original photo of that badly-photoshopped photo that you uploaded the other day, JYP Entertainment!"JINYOUNGJINYOUNGIt did not take too long until this post went viral, and when other K-pop fans saw it, they commented, "I just clicked on it to see what was going on and burst out laughing after seeing the photo. Sorry for laughing!", "I was in a bad mood today, but this made my day. But I certainly agree with you.", "I had no idea that it was even possible to photoshop someone this badly!", and so on.

(Credit= 'GOT7Official' Twitter, SBS funE)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)