SM Entertainment Finally Unveils Its 'Old but New' Boy Group: SuperM

Aug 8, 2019

SM Entertainment Finally Unveils Its 'Old but New' Boy Group: SuperM
SM Entertainment's head producer Lee Soo-man has officially announced the launch of a new K-pop boy group―SuperM.

On August 7 (local time), Lee Soo-man revealed the details about SM Entertainment's 'Avengers' team, SuperM, during '2019 Capitol Congress' which took place in Los Angeles, the United States.
SuperMIn partnership with American record label Capitol Music Group (CMG), SuperM will officially launch in the United States in October 2019 with the group's first music releases and debut live performances.

CMG will provide distribution and will orchestrate marketing, promotion, and publicity campaigns in support of SuperM's stateside activities.
SuperMThe seven members of SuperM have been assembled from some of the boy groups under SM Entertainment; and this includes SHINee's TAEMIN, EXO's BAEKHYUN and KAI, NCT's TAEYONG, MARK, LUCAS, and TEN.

Lee Soo-man said, "We will show you a new level of SMP, which represents the intense music and awe-inspiring performances that the current global K-pop fans love and enjoy. SuperM will give the global music fans an ultimate feeling of catharsis through the seven members' synergy and spectacular performances."

CMG's chairman Steve Barnett added, "SuperM is uniquely-positioned to become the highest-profile U.S. debut of a K-pop group in history. We can't wait to present the group and its music to American audiences in October."

(Credit= 'jeff__benjamin' Instagram, SM Entertainment)

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