Yulhee & FTISLAND Minhwan Plan to Have More Children?

Aug 8, 2019

Yulhee & FTISLAND Minhwan Plan to Have More Children?
K-pop girl group LABOUM's former member Yulhee and boy band FTISLAND's member Minhwan shared a possible plan of expanding their family in the future.

On August 7 episode of KBS' reality show 'Guys Doing Housework Season 2' (literal translation), Yulhee and Minhwan were seen having a talk about whether they want more children.

While having some late-night snack together, Yulhee and Minhwan mentioned how much their son Jae-yul had grown.Yulhee and MinhwanYulhee said, "Wow, did you realize how long it has been since we've had time to ourselves like this? We had been way too busy taking care of Jae-yul until recently. But he's grown quite a lot already."

Minhwan commented, "Yeah, you are right. Did you know this, by the way? You will still be in your 20s when Jae-yul enters elementary school."

Yulhee responded, "I know. I want to be the prettiest mom there and will be. I'm going to style myself really nicely whenever I visit Jae-yul's school."YulheeThen, Minhwan said, "When I was young, I wanted to have a lot of children. But after seeing how much of a hard time you had when you gave birth to Jae-yul, that thought kind of vanished. I don't think I want more children now."

Yulhee instantly responded, "I want at least three children."

Surprised by her response, Minhwan's eyes widened and asked if she would be able to do it.

With a smile, Yulhee answered, "If our second child is an easy one, then yes."YulheeBack in September 2017, Minhwan and Yulhee publicized their relationship.

After Jae-yul was born in June last year, they held a wedding ceremony about three months following that.

(Credit= KBS Guys Doing Housework Season 2, 'yul._.hee' Instagram, Online Community)

(Lee Narin, SBS Star)