Yoon Jisung Makes up for Missing Wanna One's Debut Anniversary Reunion

Aug 8, 2019

Yoon Jisung Makes up for Missing Wanna One's Debut Anniversary Reunion
Disbanded K-pop boy group Wanna One's leader Yoon Jisung moved his fellow members by preparing a surprise gift on their second debut anniversary.

On August 7, the members of Wanna One reportedly met up near Gocheok-dong, Seoul where they held their debut Show-Con (showcase/concert).
Wanna OneAccording to Lai Kuanlin, they made a promise to meet on August 7 (their debut anniversary) every year no matter what and anyone who breaks that promise would have to retire from the K-pop scene.
Wanna OneLai Kuanlin also mentioned that the one who made the most money that year has to pick up the check after their little get-together.

However, Yoon Jisung could not make it there since he enlisted in the military on May 14 and currently serving his national mandatory duty as an active-duty soldier.
Wanna OneUnder such circumstances, Yoon Jisung had to find a way to make it up to them, and he did come up with a brilliant idea that he could use without actually going there.

Yoon Jisung reportedly insisted that he wants take care of the bill and asked his manager to go to their get-together, so he could pay for their meal through him.
Wanna OneBut Yoon Jisung kept this a secret from all his fellow members and even his management agency. 
Wanna OneWanna OneEarlier that day, Yoon Jisung's management agency LM Entertainment shared the pictures of him and Wanna One which he asked them to upload on August 7 before he enlisted in the military.

Upon hearing the news, fans commented, "The members must be so touched.", "Aww..! He really thought a lot about this. So sweet.", "We'll be waiting for you! Please stay healthy.", and many more.

Meanwhile, Yoon Jisung is expected to be discharged from the military on December 13, 2020.

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