VIDEO: BTS V Almost Bursts into Tears While Riding a Boat

Aug 9, 2019

VIDEO: BTS V Almost Bursts into Tears While Riding a Boat
K-pop boy group BTS' member V got scared while solving quizzes on a boat.

On August 6, BTS unveiled the new episode of its variety show 'Run BTS! 2019' through its official social media account.
BTSOn this day, the members went to one lake in Cheongpyeong, Gyeonggi-do to enjoy their summer vacation and try out different types of water sports.

To add bit more fun, the production team divided the members into two teams and prepared a game that they could enjoy on water.
BTSAccording to the production team, the members had to get in a boat, and solve math problems when the boat stops in order to get back to the land.
BTSTeam Green Grape which was consisted of four members―V, JIMIN, JUNGKOOK, and SUGA―went first but as soon as they left the dock, V started to scream out of fear.
BTSV repeatedly said that the boat was going too fast and insisted that the captain is trying to make them fall off the boat even though that was not his intention.

Upon seeing this episode, his fans commented, "V looks so scared. I'm worried about him.", "But look at all the others. They seem so excited.", "That seems fun! Definitely going to try that later."
(Credit= 'BTS' V LIVE)

(Kang Eunbee, SBS Star)