SuperM's Introductory Teaser Gives Goosebumps to Fans

Aug 9, 2019

SuperM's Introductory Teaser Gives Goosebumps to Fans
SM Entertainment unveiled the first official teaser for the agency's much-anticipated 'joint group' SuperM.

On August 7 (local time), SM Entertainment's head producer Lee Soo-man introduced SuperM to the world for the first time at '2019 Capitol Congress' that took place in Los Angeles, the United States.
SuperMAs previously reported, SuperM is a joint boy group consists of SHINee's TAEMIN, EXO's BAEKHYUN and KAI, NCT's TAEYONG, MARK, LUCAS, and TEN.

With seven of the agency's best of the best performers, Lee Soo-man introduced them as "the future of next level of K-pop."

On this day, SuperM's first official teaser introducing the members' characteristics and talents was also unveiled during the event.
SuperMSuperMSuperMIn the teaser, TAEMIN is introduced as the "exceptional performer," TEN as the "dominating showman," MARK as the "supreme performer," BAEKHYUN with his "strong vocal," KAI as the "powerful performer," TAEYONG as the "unparalleled rapper with unrivaled dance skills," and LUCAS as the "multi-faceted performer." 
SuperMLee Soo-man said, "SuperM will give the global music fans an ultimate feeling of catharsis through the seven members' synergy and spectacular performances."

Teamed up with Capitol Music Group, SuperM will make is grand debut in the U.S. market this October.

(Credit= SM Entertainment, 'Axxol Indah' YouTube)

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